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tv   The Ed Show  MSNBC  May 11, 2013 2:00pm-3:01pm PDT

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♪ tum...tum...tum... tum...tums! ♪ tums freshers. fast heartburn relief and minty fresh breath. we want ed. we want ed. we want ed. we want ed. we want ed. we want ed. >> you know what? we're going back to work. and going around america is a big part of telling the story. fire in the hole. should be talking about infrastructure investment. >> a tlooifg rising midding class -- >> invest in education. >> -- and a dynamic cutting edge economy. >> and going round two on health care. >> i'm going back with a serious note and kind of an edge. >> i want to repeal the law of land. is that clear.
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>> we will not back down from that fight. >> the pedestrian doesn't seem to understand it is his policies that are undermining economic growth. >> this isn't right, this isn't left. this is fairness. it's the political movement in america understands one thing, power. >> the perception that we're the party of the rich unfortunately continues to grow. >> 40% are with him who believe they are victims. >> that's frustrating. they play for power and not the people. that's their world but that's not the real america. that's not the real america. >> new york city here we come. let's get to work. >> well safe land in the big city. here we are. we're back on "the ed show." glad to be wu you. i haven't changed and i want you to know that and neither have the issues that i care about
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what had made "the ed show" the years over misnbc. matters that are important to middle class americans. so i thought on our first weekend show we would talk about something i keep hearing on the road wherever i go. it's health care. when you talk about families, when you talk about business. it's health care. it's important to keep in mind that john boehner, eric canter are still concerned about only one thing, taking away your health insurance. >> obama care is going to drive up the cost of health care, drive up the cost of health insurance an make it harder fer sml businesses to hire workers. >> we believe that at the core, i believe that at the core of who i am and i'm going to do everything i can to make sure that we don't wreck the best health care delivery system the world has ever known. >> but you've called this the law of the land. >> well, that just happens to be a fact. i want to repeal the law of the
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land. is that career? i don't know how he says it with a straight face. how can he believe that. that's what i want to focus on. the template of the rights have not changed a bit. john boehner and the republicans are still lying about health care. on friday the president on the offensive, he set the record straight. >> the same folks who fought tough and nail four years ago and tried to make political hay out of obama care, they're still telling tall tales about imimpact. some small businesses are being told their costs are going to go up even though they're exempted from the law or they actually stand to benefit from it. and whenever insurance premiums go up, you're being told it's because of obama care even though there's no evidence that that's the case. >> and we all know that the insurance rates never went up under the previous president. you know, i did a voices of america tour, started out in
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madison, wisconsin. i talked about my wife's recent battle with cancer and how important it is for everyone, not just to be lucky but for everyone to have health insurance. i know more about cancer today than i've ever known in my life. i know more about anguish, i have more compassion today than i've ever had because i've been through a life experience that i didn't expect. and when your wife tells you that she has ovarian cancer and the outlook isn't good, all of the sudden things change in your life. now to relate, we all relate to personal experiences that happen to us, whether it's our job or whether it's something traumatic with our kids or a best friend down the street. it has an effect on us. we're human. we're americans. we care about our next door neighborhood. >> yes, we do. >> we care about our community.
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there are times when we don't see political battle lines. the only thing we see is what has to be done in front of us and we set our goals to make it successful to make it happen because we don't have any other choice. so when we went through this battle battling cancer, and you start thinking about what's really going on in america and when you get a bill in the mail for $22500, then you get another bill for 14, 500 and not one for $9800 company they keep coming, you see your insurance it's all paid for except for $145. and i get another insurance, it's all paid for except for $275. it's a pretty damn good deal. okay? insurance is real important. we actually have a political
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party and a force in this country that thinks it's the right morally correct thing to do to have a vote and to have insurance away from a fellow american. >> no. >> sucks. >> that's who the republicans are. i didn't take the vote. they did. >> this is who the gop really is. next week republicans will vote again top repeal obama care count it, for the 38th time, even though they know it's absolutely impossible to repeal this law. now, millions of americans and millions 0 doctors know that repealing obama care would be a huge mistake. >> i asked the doctor in new york, there were three of them that were caring for my wife after she had surgery at mayo,
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what -- doctor, what do the people do that don't have insurance? i didn't get an answer. i got this. it hurts those in the medical community to see fellow americans who don't have the resources to fight something that has been cast upon them out of no fault of their own. >> michele bachmann, eric canter, paul ryan and boehner want to take health care away from 30 million americans next week. they have only one solution for those people. >> congress mab are you saying that society should just let him die? >> no. >> republicans in washington are
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wasting time and taxpayer dollars stealing health care from 30 million americans. in the house when they vote if they had their way they would see it through the senate. this is their world. for example, eric canter spent time creating this image bragging about hurting middle class americans. let me remind you what his health solution is. in 2009 he said a woman dying from cancerous tumors should find a charitable organization. meanwhile efforts to roll back obama care have not been unnoticed by the president. on friday the president reminded republicans in the country what they're up against. >> the same folks who fought tough and nail four years ago and tried to make political hay about obama care, they're still telling tall tales about its impact. it's been three years since i
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signed it into law. it's been a year since the supreme court upheld the law under the constitution and sixth months ago the american people went to the poles and decided to keep going this direction. the law is here to stay. >> just a few months ago onboehner actually agreed with the president. >> you had said next year that you would repeal the health care vote. is that still your mission? i think the election changes that. it's pretty clear the president was reelected. obama care is the law of the land. >> well mr. boehner wants to give these guys a vote again because there's 70 people in the thousand that have never voted on obama care again. he wants to give them a chance. let's go back and vote on women's rights. want to vote on that? these people aren't living in reality. the country has voted twice for barack o'bama. there is no doubt that the
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supreme court gave the ruling for the greater good which is in the constitution and we will never give up this fight to make sure that every american has a chance at decent health care in this country. liberals, that's who we are. we care about ur neighbors. america has been focused on firearms and a big discussion there because of sandy hook and immigration, but my case is that health care is on every kitchen table. 30 million people would be denied health care if the republicans got their way. let's say half of them are women. that's 15 million women without health care if the vote were to go through and it was the new law of the land. do you know that in breast cancer one in ten women in this country are going to get breast cancer, ovarian cancer, one in 70 women will get ovarian cancer. these are new cases. you like those odds?
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you think those odds are good? republicans don't seem to be bothered by it. lung cancer is the number one killer of women in america. the republicans want to bring back the preexisting condition. they want to give the strept and the power back to the insurance companies and let them decide whether you should be covered or not. you know, time magazine has a very interesting cover this week, me, me, me. that's what was on there. me, me, me. that's who the republicans are. they only care about themselves. this is what we're teaching younger americans when you have a vote after a vote after a vote after a vote after a vote. you teach these younger americans that it's every person for themselves. that is not america. that has never been america. so how do we fight back liberals. if they're going to keep holding all of these votes what is the best thing we can do? here on the "the ed show" we can tell the story again and again.
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i need a volunteer. i need someone out in our audience to go to my e-mail address at ed at ed and tell me how you're fight cancer without insurance because i know there's millions of you out there. i know there are hundreds of thousands of families across america that live with the anguish of no insurance and seen a disease come in and destroy everything. so next week on this program we will find a volunteer during the week. don't worry about lo git ticks. i'll come get you. we will bring you to the studio and sit down and explain to john boehner and the republicans who what it's like to go through it. it's going to take courage to go through it but i think there's probably an american out there that wants to tell the story. i say it's time for round two of obama care. we won the election. the people are on our side. we're getting bogged down by all
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these other conversations and every time i go on the road i hear about two things, health care and jobs. well let's focus on that. i need a volunteer. ed at ed schultz we'll cothe work. you be available to come to the program and we'll make it happen. we'll tell the republicans what it's like for an american to go through it all without insurance. we're back to the basics. remember to answer tonight's question at the bottom of the screen. we always want to know what you think. up next, elizabeth warn wants college kids to get the same deal that the big banks gets. ber bernie sanders takes on president obama. see what top story are at the top of the chart this week. the rapid response panel, they are back. the irs apologizes, i don't now why. stay tuned. we're coming right back on "the
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welcome back to "the ed show." you've decided now we're reporting. here are this week's top trenders voted on by you. >> let's get to our top story tonight, new jersey governor chris christie is lose weight. new jersey's biggest loser, chris christie. he announced he had lap band surgery. typically patients lose one to two pounds a week. >> with all due respect give you. s on this, it doesn't really mean a whole hell of a lot to me. >> christy says this move is not about politics.
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it's about a long term health issue. the steps i've taken recently for for me and my wife and the kids. >> one in three americans are considered obese. so this guy is a real model for health. too bad his kroen anies in congress are voting for the 38th time to repeal obama care. the number two trender, debt on arrival. >> it's a quiet growing problem. >> i got them at 21. >> student loans at 19. >> today's graduates carry more than 1 trillion dollars in debt. >> massachusetts senator wants students to get the same breaks on loans that big banks have been kweth for years. the federal government offers far less interest rates on loans every day. they just don't do it for everyone. a her bill was lessen them to
2:19 pm
less than 1% but congress needs to act by july ist. and given their work ethic i predict another all nighter on the hill. >> this could be the greater night of our lives but you're going to let it be the worst. in this week's top trender, senator bernie sanders. he's taking on the president and standing up for everyday american ps. e treated i will do everything i can to block president obama's -- the senator from vermont is not alone in his opposition to the president's plan. >> they're the last -- for deficit reduction. >> this is not about simple opposition. cpi was originally a boehner mcconnell demand. it was a bad idea then and it's a really bad idea now.
2:20 pm
>> joining me now is independent senator bernie sanders of vermont. honored to have you on the program first as we relaunch "the ed show" here at 5 clock on saturday an sunday. i think we think a lot on a lot of things. but the issue now is the president's budget. he does have chain cpi in there. he does have $400 billion worth of cuts in medicare. do you think the president, if it continue to get pushed from folks such as yourself and some others in congress that he would back down from that budget? >> well, don't tell anybody, ed, but i think we're going to beat the president on this. i think we're in the process of not only rallying people in the united states congress but all over this country who understand several facts. number one, when the middle class is disappearing and the gap between the rich and everybody else is growing wider, you don't assault the middle class by cutting social security and benefits for disabled veterans. the second point that the
2:21 pm
american people understand is that social security has not added one nickel to the deficit. in fact social security toe today as a $2.6 trillion surplus paid independently by the payroll tax. we should be lifting the cap on taxable income for social security so that it's strong for the next 75 years. >> where would you put the cap? >> what you do -- the cap is now at 113,000 dollars. somebody who makes a million contributes the same as somebody makes 113. if you lift the cut you don't have to start at 113. start at 215,000 dollars. social security will be strong for the next 50 years paying out 100% of benefits. do you know whose idea that was during the 2000 nate campaign? a guy named barack obama we want to remind him of that.
2:22 pm
>> why is he dunz the proposal. senator i've, around the country, i've been in front of a half a dozen crowds. there's no appetite for this. in fact there is a rousing support against the budget to even get it into the conversation an on to the table. so what's the message? >> well, ed, clearly this is really bad public policy because you're going to have people who are already hurting. but i think as you've indicated, it is terrible politics as well. i held a press conference with senator sheldon white house a couple of months ago. we had the aarp and the senior group in america, the national organization for women, every veteran's organization, american legion, vfw, disability groups. the american people are saying loud and clear do not balance the budget on the backs of the elderly, the children, the sick and the poor. why is he doing this? i think the president continues
2:23 pm
for some strange idea to keep believing if he makes may john concession to the republicans that somehow he's going to get something back in return. i really don't know why he continues to think that. it hasn't woshlgd up to now. i don't believe it's going to work in the future. what he has got to do loudly and clearly is tell the american working families he is standing with them, he's going to take on the republicans, he's going to take on the big money interests and by the way, ed, on all of these issues we have the vast majority of the american people on our side. we can win these fights. we could put these guys on the defensi defensive. >> that is a key point. because after winning the election you're supposed to own the conversation and the direction of the country tri. we've had some horrific things happen sense. there's no doubt about that that the gun conversation has thrown the country off track. there's no doubt that illegal
2:24 pm
immigration, to me it looks like they're going down to road of 2007. we'll touch on that later. but the key is jobs, jobs and health care and it's middle class families because that's what the president ran on and now he puts out a budget that goes after the very people that put him in office. i don't get it. >> here's the point, ed. i think you put your thirng on the problem. look, the president has done a strong and good job in dealing with issues like gay rights, he has done a good job on dealing with gun control. he is doing a good job in a number of other social issues. but on economic issues which at the end of the day impacts tens of millions of families, it is whether people can live in dignity and security or whether they're going to have to live with despair and so veer tension every single day by putting food on the table, about whether their mothers and dads can afford prescription drugs or whether their kids to go to college on those issues.
2:25 pm
we have to be honest and say the president has not been strong. and social security is just one of those areas. we have got to tell him to stand with the people who elected them, that is the working families of this country who are seeing a desclien in their standard of living with the young people in this country where unemployment rates are off the charts, with the veteran's community who are have their share of problems, stand with working families, it's the right thing to do and it's good politics. help us take on the big money interest so this county doesn't end up where a handful of people like the koch brothers own the politics. >> there is a moral component as well. thanks. >> the fleece is off, chris christie is back to showing his true colors. the rapid response panel weighs
2:26 pm
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. welcome back to "the ed show." oh boy, tonight in our ask ed live segment, we're going to do this. we'll just do one question tonight. i just found out what it was just a moment ago. viewer is mike. ed are you considering running for public office. well right now the answer is not no, it's hell no. i mean, look, i do not think that it's a good job. you can't get anything done you don stantly have to raise money and you really are so tied up to the public. you know, i've never been in public service. everybody dreams about serving. but you know, what you do you
2:29 pm
got to do well and i'm not convinced that i would be a great politician because i have a bad habit of telling it like it is. besides that, what would you rather do, would you rather go fishing or would you rather be an elected official. that's what i would rather do. i'd rather go around the country and find out just what the heck people are doing and thinking and bring their story to the camera. i appreciate the question. we will be right back on "the ed show."
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2:31 pm
>> but if you're saying to me
2:32 pm
how do i feel as a republican? i'm a damn good republican and a good conservative republican who believes in things i believe in. >> chris christie is proving he's back in the family. the republicans start out a little bit worried about this guy when he got buddy buddy with the president right after storm san sandy. he blocked early voting in new jersey. who is against early voting. it's not cost efficient. also says the process would be too hard and new to implement before the next election. give me a break. 19 other states are working to ek pand voter access but chris christie joins four sub born republican governors who seemed to be hung up on the fact that it can't work an telling voters in new jersey, forget about it. let's bring in our rapid response panel tonight, michael,
2:33 pm
karen an james peterson. always a pressure to have you with us. >> welcome back, ed. >> it's good to be back. michael, what about christie on this. >> welcome back. it's so great to see you on an have your voice back on these air waves. >> this is how you prove yourself oz a republican. you got to dprks iss somebody. chris christie is feeling he's alienated from his base or at least one of them so he's got to pro he's really a republican republican, me's true conservative by proving he's against early voting. we know the codes here, we know who's most vulnerable here. and again despite the fact that such tactics in the past galvanizeds the african-american voter to turn out, the
2:34 pm
republicans haven't learned their lessons and continue to lick their chops but refuse to engage in sensible politics. >> karen, the one thing, he is in favor of mail in votes which of course favor heavy conservative response. is this a tra teejic move by the governor. >> of course it is. welcome back, by the way. i agree this is about street krad. i i'm going to take a slightly different point on this. i think this is an actual upon for bono, one of the challenges that we've been talking about that she would have because chr tee's poplar i -- there are a lot of things we don't like. here it is. this is an opportunity for her to remind voters that at the end of the day this is a republican governor who has asubscribed to a certain set of policies that
2:35 pm
are not always in the interest of working people. >> dr. peterson, look at ohio, look at florida. early voting is what it's all about for the democrats. he ooh's not going to let that happen in new jersey. >> chris christie is a governor of a blue state. when you look at early voting look at the dem grachks that use it and deploy it. we should think about this at the initial level. we need to expand voting period. we're a democratic nation who have low turnouts for presidential elections. the trend should be to move towards making voting for accessible for everybody. the two week lead time would increase voter participation exponential exponentially. >> they're doing it in north carolina as well. it's the only way they know how to win because they can't fire the demographics.
2:36 pm
irs is apologizing to conservative groups over a number of audits. i asked the question why. the irs says there's been a surge of application r if tax exempt status with the groups of tea party or patriot in their title names. the irs admits it's singling out those groups for audits to make sure that they are real nonprofits. now, look, this is all because of citizens united. all of these groups pop up, it was new to the internal revenue service and the she is how they're spnding their money. >> they need to apologize to a bumpl of people, apologize to everybody else they financially profiled. apologize to me when brian williams krit cited me for criticizing president obama. there are a whole bunch of people that have been subjected to this. the bottom line is are we as
2:37 pm
american citizens free to speak or minds and to rg as we see fit? what about the groups that have been racially profiled or profiled because of gender. the reality is this is much ado about nothing. on the other hand if we want a broad demockcy they have to -- >> they want to plant the seed and said white house picked up the phone and said get on these guy. >> that's ridiculous. we know that obama doesn't have that kind of juice. we know the republicans and all of the other people in the government aren't going to listen to him. >> these groups aren't going away but how they're spending their money is a real question mark about whether they're nonprofit or not. >> it was a bone headed move on the part of the irs and i actually believe them when they say this was a career person who made the decision. i don't think they're saying it was not a political decision. obviously the republicans are going to beat this thing to doet to try to get to what they're going to say the bottom of this. but i think if anything, this is
2:38 pm
a reminder why we need real campaign finance reform. >> absolutely. >> because we know that a lot of groups, amean abuse these rules and regulations because they're not worried about the penalty they have to pay after the fact. they think we'll deal with it after the election because hopefully we will have won. >> we got clinton dlooefrg f delivering the commencement at university. >> even with the economic challenges, virtually all of you have the power to choose what you will do to earn a living. it may sound self-evident but most people who have ever lived, including hundreds of millions of people on the face of the earth today never had that choice. >> james peterson there's a lot of young unemployed people in this country, a lot of them coming out of college end up working at a coffee shop with a
2:39 pm
lot of debt. what do we 0 have to do to turn this around? >> well one of the things i've been listening to the former president's address and he talks a lot about shared sacrifice and understanding equality at both the local, national as well as the global levels. so i think he's calling for a certain kind of approach to it but we also need for college graduates to engage in the civic and political battles that will pressure or government to make sure that infrastructure aund the kind of economy in the future, the kind of things our congress has not been willing to implement, we need to graduate to step into the fray and support all of the initiatives that are trying to make jobs a possibility for the country. >> the corporations aren't hiring as they should so we've got to have some kind of jobs program targeted at a demographic 18-34. >> one of two black men in new york city is not working. when we look at the dismal
2:40 pm
record of black american among people who are college educated it's more exacerbated that we don't have a pulpit out there speaking for them. while i acknowledge that clinton is giving lessonen on we should be patient, we should talk about a -- we're ready to go. >> go ahead karen. >> it goes to something we were talking about before. that is where people can show their power. money will always be spent in campaign ps the way we overturn that is by voting. we saw record turn out from african americans. my challenge is what are you going to do to leverage that electoral power you've dem traited that you have. you're going to have have show up in presidential elections when you don't have barack obama. part of that turnout has to be we're going to demand a program that is going to deal with some
2:41 pm
of these problems. >> all right. we are looking forward to our first show coming up on june 8th, 4:00 p.m. just before my fat mug gets on here at msnbc. do you think i'm better looking? do you like the tie? >> i love the tie. >> you're doing great, looking great. >> great to have you with us. thanks so much. tonight in our survey i asked should the dems push for round two of health care? 96% of you say yes, there is four republicans out there that are watching the program tonight, they say no. still to come, this guy becomes the first "the ed show" pretender. you can't miss this one. republics are cranking up the clinton vast right wing conspiracy machine three years early. there's lots more coming up. r sh is coming in and going out...
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let's get a recap, merv. [ merv ] thanks, other merv. mr. clean magic eraser extra power was three times faster on permanent marker. elsewhere against dirt, it was a sweep, with scuffed sports equipment... had it coming. grungy phones... oh! super dirty! and grimy car rims... wow! that really works! ...all taking losses. it looks like mr. clean has won everything. the cleaning games are finished? and so are we. okay, but i just took a mortgage out on the cabinet. [ male announcer ] clean more, work less, with the mr. clean magic eraser extra power. >> all right. here on "the ed show" we have
2:45 pm
the trenders. we also have a segment called the pretenders. we're hearing from failed vice president candidate paul ryan out of wisconsin. the congressman just received an award from a right wing think tank in many his acceptance speech ryan described the progressive movement as well intentioned but in his humble opinion arrogant and con da sending. i'm offended. it must be hard to push that load of garbage. there's nothing humbleant splshing somebody's social security, medicare, taking marching orders from right wing think tanks. he seems to be confused about what the word arrogant means. let's see if we can help him out. >> i've been trying to indict
2:46 pm
the entire vision of progressive. so we're going to a majority of takers versus makers. what i think the president is trying to do is create a more permanent class of government dependents. the first step to a stronger medicare is to repeal obama care because it represents the worst of both worlds. >> well paul ryan an the rest of his arrogant buddies are still pretending they won the election but the person people aren't fooled. and if he thinks his special brand of deseatful smug arrogance can be pushed off on anyone else he can keep on pretending. ♪
2:47 pm
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good to have you back with us. final segment tonight. the republican effort to make the september is attack on benghazi into a scan scandal is really about one thing only. >> secretary clinton. >> secretary of state.
2:50 pm
>> secretary of state. >> the secretary of state. >> secretary clinton. >> if you listen to the other side it's about time to move on from them. they would agree with secretary distraction. republicans are looking to smear hillary clinton and distract us from the issues that americans care about which is why on wednesday the republicans held their ninth hearing on bengahzi. it was a six-hour hearing and republicans still failed to show a smoking gun. this is to derail president obama's agenda and fire up the republican bases as we head into the midterm election cycle who needs evidence when you have the shooter throwing out the flame thrower? here is dick cheney with the uk's daily mail. cheney called the bengahzi attack a failure of leadership. and the obama administration he said should have been ready before anything even happened. dick cheney, the vice president during the biggest national
2:51 pm
security failure in the united states history wants us to talk about failures of leadership? let's focus on the diplomatic safety issues during the bush administration. let's talk about the 64 attacks on american diplomatic targets during those years. where was the republican outrage then? house republicans voted to cut the administration's request for embassy security funding by $128 million in 2011 and $331 million in 2012. thankfully negotiations with the democratic controlled senate, democrats restored about $88 million of that administration's request. but where was the hearing on that? this boils down to a bureaucratic tug of war over talking points between a couple of agencies. if there was any error on the part of the white house, i think it was just to cogutute to make sure the correct information came out. though i could be wrong.
2:52 pm
it doesn't seem like a cover up. there's a lot of rehashing of information at these hearings. joining me tonight is colonel lawrence wilkerson, currently a distinguished visiting professor of government of public policy at the college of william & mary. >> thanks for having me on your inaugural show. >> you bet. i appreciate your candor quite often, colonel. is this a tug of war of talking points? is that commonplace between the cia and the state department? >> it is very much. let me say, i agree with you. i think the principle reason for the republicans, my party, making this an elongated struggle, if you will, is to denigrate hillary clinton, make her a less viable candidate in 2016 and as you pointed out the midterm elections. let me point out another thing they're trying to do. they're trying to deflected americans attention from iraq. iraq is a basket case right now. wholly in iran's back pocket.
2:53 pm
you have jennifer rubin, the aipac attack dog in the "washington post" saying the president should get over iraq and go on to syria and iran. get over iraq? i would love to drag jennifer rubin kicking and screaming to walter reed to see the warriors she wants to us get over, to see the 900,000 backlogged cases at the va. >> the controversy right now seems to be about talking points and how they were changed. is it unusual to have talking points changed in the process? it seems to me like the white house didn't want to get it wrong, they were dragging their feet a little bit. or are they in on this, too? did they n your opinion, let the state department, the cia do their thing? what do you make of this? >> i've only spent 35 years, maybe long ner in government looking over talking points,
2:54 pm
generically speaking they change all the time. what presidents usually make errors at and departments and others make errors at is going too fast. trying to get the information out to the american people because it's usually a very rapidly evolving situation. to see a set of talking points change six, eight times is partly because people tried to do their best in getting information out and partly due to the changing facts afterwards. >> colonel, would there have been hesitation to call it a terrorist attack because they wouldn't want to inflame the situation globally or maybe they didn't know? >> i think there could have been some trepidation there. there should have been cosome concern. by biggest concern about this, besides protecting our diplomats as best as we can and remembering they go in harm's way so they will get hurt from time to time or killed, my chief concern in this other than that is that the cia was involved. if the cia is involved you can bet -- you can bet your bottom
2:55 pm
dollar there's some sort of cover up. >> okay. a lot of people are taking dick cheney to task for saying this, when we were there on our watch, we were always ready on 9/11, on the anniversary. we always anticipated they were coming for us, especially in that part of the world. >> let me it tell you about dick cheney. it became clear to me from december of 2000 through the 9/11 attack there's was no one other than dick clark in the administration and colin powell concerned about al qaeda. as a matter of fact, when dick clark tried to bring al qaeda up, tried to tell them about the threat, illuminate the terrorist threat to america, when george tenet tried to do the same thing, dick cheney, wolfowitz, rumsfeld and others pushed them aside. iraq was the big threat.
2:56 pm
iraq is what they were after. they didn't have concern with al qaeda. >> finally, colonel, can we do a better job of protecting our embassies and our consulates around the world? is it money? does money make a difference? >> money does make a difference. the congress has been stingy. it's not wanted to give money to madeleine albright, secretary powell, though he got more than she did it's not wanted to do this. the commission pointed out the deficiencies around the world. we haven't fixed them yet. >> it's about talking points. there is, i don't believe, a cover up. colonel lawrence wilkerson, great to have you with us tonight. thank you. >> thanks for having me. >> that's "the ed show" i'll see you back here tomorrow night at 5:00 eastern time. remember, next saturday, we'll have a volunteer on this program who has been dealing with cancer
2:57 pm
and does not have insurance. so we can make sure these republicans who vote down obama care know exactly who they're effecting. have a great one. we'll see you tomorrow night. sto mission a for a final go. this is for real this time. step seven point two one two. verify and lock. command is locked. five seconds. three, two, one. standing by for capture. the most innovative software on the planet... dragon is captured. is connecting today's leading companies to places beyond it. siemens. answers. you will lose 3 sets of keys 4 cell phones 7 socks and 6 weeks of sleep but one thing you don't want to lose is any more teeth. if you wear a partial, you are almost twice as likely to lose your supporting teeth. new poligrip and polident for partials 'seal and protect' helps minimize stress, which may damage supporting teeth,
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>> she kept showing up in his life, and just like a drug addict, he kept letting her back in the door. >> the trial that riveted the country is finally over. >> we the jury find the defendant as to count one first degree murder guilty. >> jodi arias, who brutally murdered her lover could face death herself. >> did he ever think she would do what she did? who would think that. >> it was a streamy story of sex. >> we hang out, have sex. >> lies. >> she's able to tell a


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